Monday, April 9, 2012

A long lost Hello!

   My, but it has been a long time!  But I'm back, and I hope you all have been well! 

   The reason for my absence was that I wasn't well! haha  But, I am completely better now, after being down for - for real - two months. Oi! But, that is done with.  We now have a very beautiful spring to greet us!

   Spring is my favorite season. I think many people can say this! I'm sure I'm not awfully original with that one, but I put my name on the list with millions of others. I don't have to completely contrary, do I?  But, where I come from, too many people say they can't wait for winter, and..."the colder the better!", and "I love snow!" Oh, really? You must not be the one shoveling it out of the driveway, then, are you?
   Okay, so I'm not the one shoveling, either. But, so what?! Winter and snow means I can't wear cute shoes and pretty dresses! And that's just AWFUL!  hahaha

   Well, there is plenty of cute, Spring action going on over at  I really have so much fun looking at everyone's amazing fashion sets there, and making them, too... Well, let's just say it's addicting.  I will be adding a couple of my new sets here, soon, so check back.

   I also have an amazing recipe I simply must share with you!  But, right now, it is five in the a.m. and I will have to post these later, when I'm not cross eyed!

   All for now! Take care and get out those cute dresses! Spring is so in right now! ;)