Sunday, January 8, 2012

We have been fortunate, thus far, in enjoying an extremely mild winter! It makes one full of home that the loveliness of spring is just around the corner! There is something about Paris that brings out the blossoms on the dreariest day, so I put together this little number on Yes, I am addicted! It is such fun to see what delights everyone across the globe comes up with, and for fashion nutters like me, it is sheer heaven! 

I love the idea of leather booties with a flowing, light dress. It's still completely feminine, but with a flirtatious nod to a Victorian gentleman.  The straw boater is just meant to be, and a fun little tribute to Parisian entertainer, Maurice Chevalier! 

Once, I was delighted to see straw boaters for sale in Clair's Boutique, of all places! But, you can still find them if you hunt around, although lady's varieties are more difficult to come by. This had been sold at Liberty London, but is no longer available. Le sigh. I shall take a straw boater and simply change the band! Et voila!

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